Ecomuseo del Paesaggio

lingua italiana english Francis version Brasilero       ECOMUSEUM: A LANDSCAPE, A POPULATION, AN HERITAGE

This translation is a draft by students of Maggiolini High School in Parabiago and Liceo Galilei in Legnano

25th June 2017

Mill Day 2017
From 9 A.M. to 6 P.M., visits, tours, exhibits, good food and even more. On the banks of Olona river to (re)discover the cultural and natural heritage.
 Dedicated page
Ecomuseo riconosciuto

23rd June 2017

Wings in the night

From 8.20 to 10.30 P.M., agroenvironmental laboratory of Serberbelloni (French Riviera) in Pregnana Milanese. To the discovery of bats. Poster
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17th June 2017

Oasis of peace and beauty

From 3.00 P.M., Via Unione 1, Parabiago. Walk through the Oasis of Peace and Beauty accompanied by the agronomist Franzosi among the sensorial routes to deepen the knowledge about the arboreal presences and the aromatic herbs. Poster

11th June 2017
Bicicliamo 2017 - Sesto Calende - Panperduto - Villoresi

Bicycle Ride to discover and enhance our territories' beauties.

 Dedicated page

Site's map

                                                                                         10th and 11th June 2017

                       The territory's enhancement according to the children

                                                                                                                          Since 10.00 P.M., Mulino Meraviglia (Meraviglia Mill), location Melzi/Cozzi, San Vittore Olona.   Music, stands, laboraty for children, walks, guided visits... and a lot of other things. Dedicated page

28th May 2017
Bicicliamo (Let's go cycling) 2017 - XXXV Bicipiace(BikeLike)

Bikeride in order to meet and appreciate our territory's patrimony.

 Dedicated page


25th May 2017


Ore 20.45, Biblioteca di Parabiago, via Brisa 1. Documentary movie about the difficulty in living beside the dangerous and risky for health environmental criticalities and the healthcare outcomings. Poster, Film card

23th March 2016

Olona river Pact: estate of realization

  5^ monitoring about the progress estate of the building sides beside the park.
  The report
21st May 2017
Bicicliamo 2017 - Monza: royal villa and park

Bike-ride to discover and esteem the beauties of our territories.

 Dedicated page

Memory bank

.Parish Map
Site map

19th May 2017

Ciclowalking in the Olona Valley

8.45 P.M., LIUC Università Cattaneo,Bussolati classroom, P.zza Soldini 5, Castellanza. Presentation of the turistic guide to the discovery of the municipalities along the cyclopedestrian path. Poster

7th May 2017
Bicicliamo 2017 - Milan: between sky and earth (City life)

Bike ride.

 Dedicated page

4-18th May 2017

Sant'Ambrogio della Vittoria, a 1700's jewel

Liceo Cavalleri high school's students are showing the artistic aspects of the church to the public. The photography course students are showingtheir works. Poster

23rd April 2017
Bicicliamo 2017 - Roccolo Park: among the agricultural products, the woods and the farmsteads

Bikeride in order to appreciate our territories and their beauties.

 Dedicated page

22 Aprile 2017

30° anniversary of the foundation of Parabiago Legambiente

Meeting at 10.00 P.M., Maggiolini Square, guided walk among the cultural resources and the national monuments, lunch, titling green area, public conference.
Complete programme, press release, biography: Angelo Vassallo, Report, Video

Wednesday 12th April 2017
Bicicliamo 2017 - Presentation evening

Ore 21.00, "The Mechanics", via Cesare Battisti, Nerviano. The schedul of the bike-rides will be illustrated.

Dedicated page

4th April 2017

7 building sites of Parco dei Mulini
    The photos of the works in progress are online.
  The photos

2nd April 2017

Clean Green Day 2017

At 9.00 A.M.,Madonna di Dio 'l Sà Park.

We're going to cleanse the green zones, along the Olona and the banks of the Villoresi. Poster

24th March 2017

Olona Green Way Signposts

The volunteers of Legambiente posted the signage of Olona Green Way. Foto
Olona Green Way

22th March 2017

Night's wings

From 8P.M. to 10.30P.M., agroenvironmental laboratory of Serberbelloni (French riviera) in Pregnana Milanese. To the discovery of night predatories. Poster

March 2017
Monitoring of the activities of the Ecomuseo
Read report about the carried out activities from 2011 until today


18th March 2017


3 P.M., Wall of San Vittore Olona, reachable by car, by parking in via Barlocco or by bycicle, by cycling on the cycle path in via XXIV maggio. Public liberation. After months of  therapies and recoveries, a buzzard will return to fly free in the sky. Poster

11th March 2017

Tragicomic monologue and photography exhibition

Municipal Auditorium Rescaldina, via Matteotti 4. 8.40 P.M. thetrical show "Cement and the heroic revenge of compost", pass 5 euro. 9.45 P.M. inauguration exhibit "Incomplete strenghtened - urban landscapes between Milan and Vares". Poster, Press  release

10th March 2017

Water tours: from the Villoresi Canal to the Olona river.

Olona film festival. Connecting the biodiversity

9.00 P.M., Sal Bergognone, piazza Manzoni 14, Nerviano. 5a edition "Olona film festival" with shows about biodiversity in the territory. Dedicated page

Giri di acqua - Dal Villoresi all'Olona

February - June 2017

Exhibit "Like in Autumn..."

The exhibition has been prolonged until the 24th February 2017, S. Ambrogio middle school. From the 12th March to the 30th April 2017, Rapizzi middle school. From the 1st May to the 9th June, Maggiolini high school. Dedicated page

Mostra "Come d'autunno"

February 2017

#CondiVivo Parabiago

CondiVivo Parabiago to build communities and release energies! Let's propose and cooperate to the redevelopment projects in order to make your city wonderful. Dedicated page

February 2017

The open electronic version of the Olona river's dictionary is online. It was written by the engineer Luigi Mazzocchi in 1920, and copied by Luigi Carnelli.

24th Februaru 2017

M'illumino di meno 2017
M'illumino di meno(I light myself less) returns:renowned radio campaign about the energetic saving and the sustainable lifestyles. #CondiVivo Parabiago: building communities and releasing energies!
Read the pamphlet by Francesca Donati from Maggiolini school.

From 17th tol 25th February 2017

Exhibition "Blank space"

Parabiago's Library, via Brisa 1. Inauguration and convention with film at 9.00 P.M. Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 09.30/12.20A.M.; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday e Thursday 2.30/6,20P.M.; Saturday 09.00/12.50A.M.. Leaflet

January 2017

Adopt a monument

A video realized in 2015-16 by the class 4FA of Liceo Cavalleri on the church of Sant'Ambrogio della Vittoria for the national contest "Adopt a monument". The video

December 2016

A guide of welcoming to Parabiago is on-line!Tracks of history, art, taste of landscape. You will decide which road you'll walk along. In the range of the cofinanced project  by  Lombardia region and the Ecomuseo "Body's, eyes' and soul's food".

10th December 2016

Christmas notes

  9 P.M.: Church Madonna di Dio 'l Sà. The chorus "Le quattro voci"(the four voices) formed by pupils of Santo Stefano parish's music courses in Nerviano will introduces us to the Christmas melodies. Read the leaflet

December 2016

Other 1000 trees and shrubs in Parabiago
The plantation of other 1000 trees and shrubs has begun and it's finances with the increases of the tax burdens outcoming from the regional law, deposited by whom has built houses where there were cultivated fields. Press statement

November 2016

  Mons. Marco Ceriani: the e-books
In collaboration with Carla Musazzi Museum Parabiago
Dedicated page

22nd October 2016

Nature of Mulini Park

Viale Europa, Parabiago.
It's possible to admire the artist Cheone working, during the completion of the murales "Natura nel parco dei Mulini".

From the 26th September to the 2nd October 2016

The four seasons at Roccolo

Esploration of the park landscape when seasons change by the means of the drawing and the watercolor.

24th September 2016

Water tours: from Villoresi to Olona.

We clean the world 2016

Meeting at 2:30 P.M., Oasis of Peace and Beauty, via Unione corner via Marconi, Parabiago. Interventions of cleaning and redevelopment in Mulini Park. At the end of the group aperitif. Dedicated page

Giri di acqua - Dal Villoresi all'Olona

Bringing the water to the mill

Meeting at 9.30 A.M., Mulino Starquà(Starqua Mill), Strada del Sempione 1, Nerviano. Conference about the recovery of factories, the park of Mulini and guided free visits. Dedicated page

Giri di acqua - Dal Villoresi all'Olona

17th September 2016

Water tours: from Villoresi to Olona.

4 steps between art and story

Meeting at 2:20 P.M., p.zza Maggiolini, Parabiago. Walk for the knowledge of the historical and artistic beauties throughout the celebration of the shrine Madonna di Dio il Sà. Dedicated page

Giri di acqua - Dal Villoresi all'Olona

4 - 19th June 2016
The princess' return

Remembrance of Princess Elisabetta Cristina's visit (1708).
The event, organized by the association "Sant'Ambrogio's factory"  aims at the restoration of the church of Saint Ambrogio della Vittoria and the annex Cistercian monastery. Throughout the event: concerts, exhibits, ballets, games, guided visits.

Dedicated page

Domenica 29 maggio 2016
Bicicliamo 2016 - Do you want the peace? Pedal!

Bike-ride to discover and enhance the treasures of our territory.

  Dedicated page

Friday 27th May 2016
Ta vori

8.00P.M.,F.lli Comerio Restaurant, via S. Maria 70, Parabiago. We need you to cultivate Parabiago by eating!Participate in the storytelling dinner based on products made in Parabiago. Poster

Ta vori

Domenica 8 maggio 2016
Bicicliamo 2016 - Darsena (Milano)

Bike ride for our territories Dedi page

Domenica 24 aprile 2016
Bicicliamo 2016 - Aironi Park (Gerenzano)

Bike-ride to discover and enhance the beauties of our territories.

  Dedicated Page

April 17, 2016
Bicicliamo 2016 - Herons park (Gerenzano)

With the bike for discover and promote the treasures of our territory.

Dedicated page

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April 10, 2016
Green day 2016

 9.00 AM, meeting at the intersection of Viale Europa/Via Dunant. We will clean and repair the shores of Villoresi canal.


 April 8, 2016
Bicicliamo 2016 - Presentation evening

9.00 PM. Parabiago's library, via Brisa 1.It will be illustrated the schedule of the events 2016 for discover and promote the tresures of our territory.

Dedicated page

March 24, 2016

7 construction sites for Mill's park

  The work in progress of the construction sites along the park.

  The relation

Site's map


March 23, 2016

Signature of the treaty for the cure and the promotion of the agricultural ecosystem and the supply of local products

  9.00 AM, Tecnic office of the Parabiago's commune, Via Ovidio 17. signature of the traty by the subscribers of the river olona pact and by the interested ones.
Dedicated page

March 18, 2016

Nordic Walking

Civic hall of Parabiago's library, Via Brisa 1, 9.00 PM. Informative meeting about discipline and the benefits for health.Sala.

Illustrated by Gialuigi Genone instructor.

Poster, Press release

Logo Nordic Walking

March 10, 2016
   Cultural view: turism and museums in the metropolis

 From 9.00 AM, at the Milano-Bicocca university, Piazza della scienza 4, Milano, U4 building, room 8 "L.Sironi", meeting that purpose a reflection about the key role of the museums for the metropolis cultural view.

Registrations and Informations, Dedicated page

February 21, 2016

Love, Weapons, Love

Carla's Musazzi Museum,Via Randaccio 11, 8.30 PM drama of the battle of Parabiago, with music and video accompaniment made by the student's of Cavalleri High School. Poster

battaglia logo

February 19, 2016

M'illumino di meno 2016
Is back M'illumino di meno, well-known radiofonic campain about saving energy. At San Valentine love the earth!
Read the brochure about saving energy made by Anna Eisel from the Maggiolini High School.

February 19,  2016
  A change of the sustainable mobility?

 Parabiago's library, Via Brisa 1, 9.00 PM public meeting about: Parabiago the capital of bike, actuation and planning of the use of extra-communes bike trakes, urban bike traffic.

Poster, Press release

Cambio di passo
February 9,  2016
  The corn... not only cornmeal mush

 Hosteria Rid and Pacià, Legnano city, Via S. Ambrogio 12. 6.30 PM, happy hour with corn specialities and prosecco, 8.45 PM conversation with experts chefs and farmers about the importance of the corn on human history. 


Serata Mais
Jenuary 27, 2016
Bicicliamo 2016 - Preliminary meeting

 9.00 AM, Location Circle Legambiente of Nerviano
Via Cesare Battisti (La Meccanica)
- Nerviano. Evening that includes the writing of the schedule of the rides 2016. 

Dedicated Page

jenuary 16, 2016

 Monitoring the fauna

Are online the results of the monitoring of the fauna by Lipu from Foppa of San Vittore Olona.

Dedicated Page


January 19, 2015
Project-aperitif Tarabusino
    17.30 seat of Mill Park, Parabiago via Ovid, 17.
Second meeting of the participatory planning of habitat suitable for small heron. They invited all those who have or want to join the Covenant.
Dedicated page, Bittern, Project "Making networks in the Park of the Mills"
logo progetto-aperitivo Tarabusino

January 11, 2015
Look at that nest!
9.00 Gate Park Castle Legnano (on the way to St. George). The Lipu resumes winter maintenance of artificial nests.

 Dedicated site

guarda che nido

We intend to work to build a city motivated and enlivened by dialogue, with streets, squares, "agora" where people are to understand each other and exchange gifts intellectual and moral of which no one is free; exchange sites and listening.
(Carlo Maria Martini)
Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!

December 1, 2014
Project-aperitif Tarabusino
   Hours 17:15 to 17:30 seat of Mill Park, Parabiago via Ovid, 17.
First meeting of the participatory planning of habitat suitable for small heron. They invited all those who have or want to join the Covenant.

Dedicated page, Bittern, Project "Making networks in the Park of the Mills"
logo progetto-aperitivo Tarabusino

November 2014

Project care and regeneration of open spaces
municipal property

The City of Parabiago has concluded the agreement with the District Agricultural Valle Olona, which provides, among other things, the management of the Riale Parabiago as wetland. The article of the coordinator of Park Mills

November, 2014

It 'time feeders!

To help wild birds, the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Magenta has prepared a leaflet with tips on feeding and food.

Il volantino

guarda che nido

November, 18 2014

Table IX National River Contracts

The article "Subsidiarity and Real Community in the governance of the basin of the River Olona," was awarded to Table IX National River Contracts.

Dedicated page

contratti di fiume 2014

November, 2014

Compliments of Hugues De Varine.

The expert local development has again cited Parabiago on his blog. The park of the mills "is a case in point," wrote commenting on the French translation of Article IX presented to the board of the National River Contracts.

The blog of De Varine, Article in French, Press Release

November, 2014

Wiki loves monuments italia

 World contest of photography on cultural heritage

  List of monuments - SEE PHOTOS LOADED page dedicated

November13, 2014

workshop Maggiolini
Maggiolini  in the bicentennial. Modernity of a businessman times

21.00, Officina Rancilio, via Don Galeazzi 22, Parabiago. Continues the path of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker. Page

November 12, 2014

 water tours: from Villoresi all'Olona.
 Olona film festival
21.00, Palazzo Leone da Perego, via Gilardelli 10, Legnano. 3rd edition of "Olona film festival" with the projection of movies on the river Olona and surroundings made by filmmaker Sauro Martinelli. Dedicated Page

Giri di acqua - Dal Villoresi all'Olona

November 8, 2014

Workshop Maggiolini

Cena di gala

21.00, Villa Ida Lampugnani, via Matteotti 29, Parabiago. Continues the path of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker. Page

October 31, 2014

Workshop Maggiolini

Project "Bravo Maggiolini": the results

21.00, primary school Manzoni, Via IV Novembre 22 Parabiago. Continues the path of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker with a lecture by Piero Rimoldi, Raul Dal Santo, Daniela Marrari. Dedicated page

October 26, 2014

"The virtues of herbs: I paint the herbarium medieval"

15.00, Library Vanzaghello, via Matteotti 13. Course of study of the techniques of representation in medieval herbals by Piero Rimoldi. Dedicated page, Locandina

October 24, 2014

Workshop Maggiolini

Between Milan and Parabiago some figures of cabinet makers in the wake of Maggiolini: GBM, Preda and Francesco Giuseppe Maroni

21.00, the red room of Villa Corvini, Via Santa Maria 27, Parabiago. Continues the path of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker with a lecture by Andrea Bardelli. Dedicated page

October 2014

Cardinal Montini in Parabiago

Blessed Paul VI visited several times when he was still Cardinal Parabiago the Diocese of Milan.

The photos of the municipal archives and parish

October 18, 2014

Officina Maggiolini

Dinner of the '700

20.30, Hall of Mirrors of Villa Corvini, Via Santa Maria 27, Parabiago. Continues the path of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker with a dinner in eighteenth-century style. page

17, 18 and October 19, 2014

Workshop Maggiolini

As we wore in the '700

From 14.30 to 19.00, the fireplace room of Villa Corvini, Via Santa Maria 27, Parabiago. Continues the path of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker with an exhibition on the customs of his time. Page

From 17 to October 31, 2014

Exhibition "The virtues of herbs. The herbaria between art and science"

Library Vanzaghello, via Matteotti 13. Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 18:30, Wednesday and Friday 15:00 to 18:30, Saturday 14:00 to 18:00. Inauguration and conference by Piero Rimoldi 20.45. Dedicated page

October 17, 2014

Workshop Maggiolini

The wood, this unknown

21.00, the red room of Villa Corvini, Via Santa Maria 27, Parabiago.
Continues the path of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker with a lecture by Mami Azuma
. Dedicated page

October 10, 2014

Workshop Maggiolini

The Lombard dialect: from the Celts to the present day, through the Maggiolini

21.00, the red room of Villa Corvini, Via Santa Maria 27, Parabiago.
Continues the path of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker. 
Dedicated page
October 5, 2014
Water tours: from Villoresi all'Olona. Eurobirdwatch
Meeting at 9.30 am, Location Foppa, via Mother Teresa of Calcutta, San Vittore Olona. Along the paths where birds will support during the migration to the south, to participate in the European census.
 Dedicated page

Giri di acqua - Dal Villoresi all'Olona

October 4, 2014

 watertours: from Villoresi all'Olona.

Civil protection exercise

From 8.00 to 16.00, Isolino River Olona, via Resegone, Parabiago.
The groups have organized local civil protection exercise on the River Olona
. Page

Giri di acqua - Dal Villoresi all'Olona

October 3, 2014

Workshop Maggiolini

Maggiolini and mobile neoclassical Italian
October 3, 2014
workshop Maggiolini
Maggiolini and Mobile neoclassical Italian
21.00, the red room of Villa Corvini, Via Santa Maria 27, Parabiago.
Continues the path of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker with a lecture by Prof. Enrico Colle
. Dedicated page

27 and September 28, 2014

Officina Maggiolini

Dining with Maggiolini. Points and embroidery on the table of the '700
From 15.00 to 18.00, Villa Ida Lampugnani, via Matteotti 29, Parabiago.
Continues the path of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker with an exhibition on the life time of Maggiolini.
Dedicated page

September 21, 2014

watertours: from Villoresi all'Olona.

Passeggiata su itinerari maggioliniani

Meeting at 14:30 Town Square (Victory Square), Parabiago, for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker Maggiolini. Dedicated page

Giri di acqua - Dal Villoresi all'Olona

From September 20 to November 9, 2014

Officina Maggiolini

Show "Giuseppe Maggiolini. Un virtuoso dell'intarsio e la sua bottega in Parabiago"

Villa Corvini, Via Santa Maria 27, and Carla Musazzi Museum, via Randaccio 11, Parabiago. September 20, 2014 11:00 am, meeting with the press, 17.00 opening of the exhibition at Villa Corvini. Dedicated page

September 18, 2014

Workshop Maggiolini

Parabiago in '700

21.00, Church of Sant'Ambrogio Victory, via Spagliardi Parabiago, continues the path of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker with a lecture by Piero Rimoldi. Dedicated page

15-18 September 2014
  Areas hunting ban

The Province of Milan has ordered a ban on hunting in some areas of the municipal park of the Mills (bottom "Parades" Parabiago "The Foppa" S. Vittore Olona).

Foto tabellazione aree

cartelli divieto di caccia

September 13, 2014

Workshop Maggiolini

Press conference to present the year maggioliniano

11.00, via Santa Maria 27 Parabiago, begins a journey of celebration for the bicentenary of the death of the famous cabinetmaker. Page, facebook page

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Bicicliamo 2014
  Naviglio della Martesana

Bike ride to discover the territory, natural parks, monuments forgotten. Dedicated page

Saturday, September 6, 2014

 Parabiago relives the past 100 years of photos

17:00, City Hall of Parabiago, Victory Square 7, presentation of the book of John Alberti, photographer Parabiago. Volume with over 300 photos in black and white that trace the history of Parabiago along the XX century. For informations
4 to 15 September 2014
  Show "For Usum Fabricae. The infinite plasma the work: the construction of the Cathedral of Milan"
  Opening September 4, 2014 at 21.00 at the theater hall of the oratory of S. Lorenzo Parabiago, via Don G. Bianchi 3, edited by Drs. F. Pecchenini. Hours: Daily 20:30 to 23:30 and Sunday 16:30 to 23:30. playbill

From 1st to 30th September 2014
Wiki loves monuments italia
Wolrdwide photography contest about cultural heritage
You can partecipate taking pictures of the cultural heritage of the ecomuseum
Dedicated page

June 2013

Sweep, enjoy, share the culture property

Parabiago 3.0

Visit Parabiago up today is more easier. Trough the Internet and the modern mobile telephone it is possible to visit the city and know the cultural heritage about it. Dedicated Page

June 2013

Maggiolini Workshop

In 2014 occur the bicentenary of the death of Giuseppe Maggiolini. It is on-line the dedicated page where there will be collected the materials useful for the celebrations. Dedicated Page

 From 14th to 23rd June 2013

Celebration the 300 years of S.Ambrogio Church

14th June 7.00 PM celebration of the exhibition of young artists from Brera Accademy in Milan "Aenima - Le tre dimensioni dell'anima".

Dedicated page, Facebook

June 2013
  Didactics offer 2013-2014
The Ecomuseum has realised th educative route for the scolat term 2013/14. Educative Tools
Attività didattiche

10th and 11th of June 2013

The partecipated inventory

Ecomusemum will partecipate to the seminary organised by Ecomuseum of Waters in Friuli on the topic of communitary patrimony, its catalougiung and value.

Read the poster, dedicated blog, The presentation, Photos

9th June 2013

Mulino Day 2013
  From 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM - guided tours, exhibition and more, to dicover the cultural and natural patrimony of Mills' Park.

6th and  7th June 2013

Hugues De Varine visits Parabiago and Mills Park.

The expert of local developement is newly in Parabiago in order to know the improvements that Ecomuseum and Mills' Park are making to value the cultural and natural patrimony. Read the press review

4th of June  2013

From the map to the bulding of the network
Firma Signing of the agreement for Olona
   9.00 PM, Council Room of Parabiago, Square of Vittoria 7, subsciption of the Agreement for Olona from the project parteners and from who is interested in. Dedicated Page, Facebook

from 31st of May to 9th of June 2013

Celebration the 300 years of S.Ambrogio Church

1st of June, 9.00 PM, Alpino Milanese choir, from 31st of My to 9th of june photography exhibition "Siamo tutti diversi"and photography contest "Alle persone con disabilità sorride amico cielo". Dedicated page, Facebook

26th of May 2013

Park in Party

Bicycle ride in company, to appreciate the natural and cultural beaty of our territory. Read the poster

25th - 26th May  2013

Celebration the 300 years of S.Ambrogio Church

25th of May, 9.00 PM,  Choir and Orchestra

Concert "Estote Fortis", 26th of May, from 10.30 AM, "The reutrn of the Pincess in Parabiago". Dedicated Page Facebook

12th of MAy 2013

Celebration the 300 years of S.Ambrogio Church

9.00 PM, Church of S. Ambrogio della Vittoria, Great Music Gala.

Dedicated Page, Facebook

Sunday 5th of May
Bicicliamo 2013
Groane Park - Tour of the historical Villas

Bicycling tour to re-discover the territory, natural parks and forgotten sightseeings.

Dedicated Page

29th of April 2013

Ecomuseums and contemporary society

The ecomuseum will take part to the conference organised by Regione Puglia in order to deepen the relationship between patrimony and community in the light of the historical period we are living.

 Poster, Poster (inside), Invitation, Presentation

From the map to the building of the network
 The studies of factibility are completed.
Dedicated Page

19th of April 2013

Celebration the 300 years of S.Ambrogio Church

It begins a celebrative route with a evening of lectures and music

about the history of the church. Dedicated Page, Facebook

Sunday 14th April
Bicicliamo 2013
Fontanili Park (Rho)

Bicycling tour to re-discover the territory, natural parks and forgotten sightseeings. Dedicatecd Page

11th of April 2013

 Urban agriculture and landscape
 9.00 PM, Library of Parabiago, pubblic meeting to share agrarian experiences in a urban territory related wth the landscape. The flyier, Facebook, Presentation Cascina Burattana and  Cascina Cuccagna

 4th April 2013
Bicicliamo 2013
Presentation evening

It will be shown the programm of the Biciclettate 2013 in order to discover, appreciate, live the territory, among parks, water streams and historical centres. Dedicated Page

March 2013

"La scuola fantastica". From the origins to the first school day.
The game book of the history of Manzoni School and of the history of our city is online. Dedicated Page

February 2013

The compliments of Hugues De Varine.

Ecomuseum has earned the compliments of the expert of local developement.

Read the article of the ccoordinator of Ecomuseum.

21st February 2013

 From the map to the building of network
Library of San Vittore Olona, at 9.00 o'clock PM, meeting of associations and project's partners to share feasibility's studies, system objectives and the enterprises that can be realised in the park together.
Dedicated page

21st February 2013

Battle of Parabiago

On the occasion of the Battle of Parabiiago's Anniversary, we propose some digital books.

From 17th December 2012

 Mills' Park - Our fathers' Land

DVDs and Mills' Park map.
Where can you find your DVD?

December 2012

Hidden Parabiago

The inslet of Parabiago after first clearing works.

15th November 2012

Let's plant trees in the city!

Pupils of 4^B  of the primary school Manzoni, together with parents and grandparents, planted some trees and shrubs in the green area of Europa Main Street. Watch the photos
Attività didattiche

30th October 2012

Water tours.: from Villoresi to Olona

 Olona Film Festival

9.00 o'clock PM - Leone da Perego Palace - Gilardelli Street - Legnano
Facebook Page
Dedicated page

Giri di acqua - Dal Villoresi all'Olona

from 1st to 30 September 2012
Wiki Loves Monuments Italia

Worldwide photography competition about the heritage 

Let's take part, photographing ecomuseum's Heritage!
how to participate - Monuments' list - Press release, Dedicated page
September 2012
 Online there are the teaching activities' printouts, made in the prevvious year.
Teaching activities school year 2011-2012

Consult offer of the school year 2012-2013 educational tools

Attività didattiche

12th August 2012

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Online exhibition of drawings and works of the hero Paolo Caccia Dominioni, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of  this Nervianese hero (1896-1992)
Watch the exhibition, celebrations' programme
30th June 2012
Brown owls, fireflies, stars… one night in the Roccolo’s park!
Night walk of listening and observation
of animals and stars in the Roccolo’s park. See the flier of the night
21-24th June 2012
The return of the princess.
Remembering the visit of the Princess Elisabeth Christine (1708)
. This event, organized by the association  “la fabbrica di S.Ambrogio”, has the aim to promote the rediscovering of the Church S. Ambrogio della Vittoria and of the near Cistercian Monastery. During the event there will be concerts, work-shops, dancing, plays, and free guided visits for the extraordinary opening of the S. Ambrogio Church. Dedicated page
11-16th June 2012
The ecomuseum in

From the 11 to the 16 of June 2012, the ecomuseum of Parabiago had participated to the IV international meeting of the ecomuseums and of the community’s museums, organized by the ecomuseum of  Amazon.
The aim of the project was to introduce, analyze and value the contribution of the ecomuseums to strengthen the sense appurtenance to a place and a community; to the social cohesion and to the sustainable development. Official Page
May 2012 
Educational offerings 2012-2013
The landscape ecomuseum and the Museum Carla Musazzi Parabiago jointly conducting the educational programs for school - year 2012/13 

See the training offer AS 2012-13, educational tools

Learning Activities

May 2012

The ecomuseum cards

The playing cards of the ecomuseum were printed and delivered to all students of the third, fourth and fifth of primary schools Parabiago.

Page dedicated

3 e 16 May 2012
From the map to the

Two partecipating workshops at Villa Adele via Sempione in San Vittore Olona at 21.00 about the environmental qualification of the suburban landscape along the river Olona. invitation, dedicated page

March 2012
The fantastic school

For the 100 years of the school Manzoni, the ecomuseum wants the realize a gamebook. The gamebook is an interactive story with multiple choice, that will help children to know, in a funny way, their beloved school.
Join the writing of the gamebook.


Memory bank

madonna di Dio'l Sà

Imagine a huge mirror, so large to allow a whole
community to watch itself.
This is the Ecomuseum: a community’s mirror. 


The mission: let community be able to read landscape diversity and identity 

Main target: Parabiago city community

Secondary target: turists and visitors 

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