Parabiago 3.0


This traslation in a draft by students of Maggiolini High School from Parabiago and Bernocchi High School from Legnano

Implementation of the system

Food of the body,the eyes and the soul

Cultural tours 3.0

Visita l'ecomuseo"Food of the body, the eyes and the soul" is a  project that includes the creation of new thematic and  ethnographic visiting paths to implement the system “Parabiago" 3.0 - Walk, enjoy, share the cultural heritage.

The aim of the project is to feed “eyes and soul” of the residents and of the visitors with the community heritage , by physical (in the city) and virtual (on the web and on the smartphone application) paths. The project pays also attention to the "nourishment of the body” enhancing, both physical and virtual paths, the edible products (ex: flour, bread, cookies and tarts of Parabiago) and the handcrafted products (ex: footwear) that characterize the “made in Parabiago” that  recently has been enhanced through the Municipal Denomination of Origin brand (De.C.O.).

The project is realized in partnership with the comprehensive Schools, the private schools, the  secondary schools, the museums, the pastoral community Sant'Ambrogio , the association La Fabbrica di Sant'Ambrogio of Parabiago town and the Ecomuseum of the territory of Nova Milanese

The project

Map of  the path of the battle and of the mills

Working hypothesis of  the path of the battle and of the mills

Map of the "Grow Parabiago eating " path

Map of the path of the'700: Giuseppe Maggiolini

Photos of the meeting of the partners of 27.01.2016

System inauguration

Walk, Enjoy, Share

The cultural heritage on your smartphone

Visita l'ecomuseo


The system’s inauguration took place on the 28th of March 2014, in Maggiolini square, with the participation of the technician partner Follow Me Technology srl of Parabiago.

It is possible to access to the multimedia contents of Parabiago 3.0 by:

  1. the QR codes (two-dimensional barcode) downloading a free app: I-nigma for Iphone and QR Droid for Android and Iphone.
  2. the RFID microchips (system of interpretation that uses the radio-frequency)

For the partially sighted are available two apps which read out the informations relating to the place visited, one (working with every model of smartphone) reads the QR codes, the other (only for empowered smartphone) reads the microchips RFID. The apps are available on the ecomuseum website.

Informative brochure

Operation process

RFID system explanation

It is possible to download the applications from smartphones on Samsung APPS and search (writing the word as the same as it’s written) QRCodeSpeeck and NFC2Speeck and then insert one of the codes, the system will automatically download the APP and than it will install it.

Read the press review: Legnano News

Parabiago 3.0 beta

Walk, Enjoy, Share

The cultural heritage on your smartphone

Visita l'ecomuseo

Visiting Parabiago today is easier with the project of the Ecomuseum called "Parabiago 3.0 - Walk, enjoy, share the cultural heritage" , sponsored by Regione Lombardia.

Through the Internet and modern mobile telphones it is possible to visit the city and learn something more about the natural and cultural heritage.

Parabiago 3.0 allows the citizens and tourists to walk along thematic paths and to enjoy the better of the city heritage and take part to the improvement of the system. 

3.0 means that the system is inspired by Web 3.0 which puts the network made of pages, beside tridimensional spaces so that it is possible to "walk along" in order to find what we are looking for. Unlike experiences reffering to virtual spaces like Second Life, Parabiago 3.0 is based on real places recognized by the citizens of Parabiago as part of City heritage.

As Parabiago 2.0, Parabiago 3.0 uses blogging, web services, the participation and sharing of contents and wikis system.

Visita l'ecomuseo

"The system is easy“ explains the Deputy Mayor Raffaele Cucchi, president of the political committee of the Ecomuseum, "we have placed bilboards in 40 areas of the city. On the placard  there is a QR code. It concerns little figures composed of a series of little black and white squares in a square-shaped. If you take a picture of the code with your smartphone, the code is decodificated and transformed in a direct link on a web site where it is possible read and download information inherent the place where you are".

Visita l'ecomuseo The system makes you descover also other places, through maps and thematic paths: "Virgiliano", "Riale's", "700's".  

Moreover, with the "commenting and taking part" function everyone can send impressions, comments, written contributes, photos, audios or videos about the cultural place that you have visited.

This function is useful both to share the information and to improve the system, and also to make warnings directly to the Ecomuseum about various topics (presence of waste, vandalism, proposal of improvement etc...).

"The whole work has been done in ecomuseal style" continues Cucchi: "the choice of the places and the contents (texts, photos and interviews) are the result of the active partecipation of the people, including children of schools in Parabiago, but also university students and of Maggiolini Technical Institute that have realised the descriptions and the audioguide in Italian, English and French. The work may not be perfect but certainly it is the community expression. The system also integrates itself with other Parabiago Town Hall's projects such as "Parabiago wi-fi" and the "Distretto Urbano del Commercio"  to EXPO 2015".

All you have to do now is to grab your smartphone and go discovering Parabiago.


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