Ecomuseo del Paesaggio



The Ecomuseum has a documentation centre where you can:

  1. Receive informationes
  2. Consult the documentation usable
  3. Book tour guides into the Ecomuseum 
  4. Receive copies of the pubblicationes realized in the project for free.
Copertina Verso l'Ecomuseo del Paesaggio
Main office(transizional)
c/o Ufficio Tecnico
Via Ovidio, 17
20015 Parabiago (MI)

(waiting for the transfer at "Centro Servizi Villa Corvini Scarl" in Via Santa Maria, 27 in Parabiago)
Monday: 9.00-12.15 e 16.45-18.15
Wednesday: 9.00-12.15
Friday: 9.00-12.15
Documentation Centre - ON LINE
Part of the documents is available in electronic format and you can refer it on-line in the RESOURCES part.