Ecomuseo del Paesaggio


This translation is a draft by students of Maggiolini High School from Parabiago
++++   An involved process: +++

The Ecomuseum is a community-museum, only its partecipation legitimete its existence. for this reason the project "Ecomuseo del paesaggio" is based on a process that involves: 





5. Forum acts,  26.10.07:

6. Local actions meetings

6.1 Let's make the map of the landscape
interventation about the parish maps (PDF 1,3 Mb)

Report of the goup's proposals (PDF 200Kb)

6.2 Give life to parks
Report of the goup's proposals (PDF 200 Kb)
Introductory relation
ASSIST project of Milan's province for a cycling link of the parks in Alto Milanese (PDF 900 Kb) 

6.3 Housing again the past "epico-museo"
Memory Bank

6.4. Meetings landscape
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 7. Forum acts, 16.3.07:

8. Conference acts, 2.2.07:

In order to facilitate the citizens' full involvement, a public Forum was esatblished with the following  features:

       a participation and decision-making space instrument that involves the several subjects in the territory, each one with opinions, knowledge and legitimately different interests.

       a collective representing the community with different actors, with specific interests;

       a place that allows you to facilitate the shared processing paths of the idea of Ecomuseum and actions of intervention;

       it does not replace the role, functions and responsibilities of the Board and the Municipal Council, but it complements, asseses, proposes ideas, projects and solutions to improve choices and future decisions of the Institutional bodies.


Basing on the indication of the Forum for the Ecomuseum meeting in March 2007, the technical-political committee has identified some local actions that were detailed with stakeholders of the territory within the Forum for the Ecomuseum. The Forum drew up the plan of action for the Ecomuseum.


Implementing state

Let's build the map of the landscape
A special map: a reminders and an agenda that helps to remember places and people and to project the future of our landscape.


Made parish map
parish map 3rd edition

In progress interactive and sound map
Parabiago 3.0 project

Give life to parks
The "Parco del Roccolo" and the under construction "Parco dei mulini" are two important  reality to value, to guard, revitalise.

Made/in progress
Water tours
Mulino day
One night in the Roccolo's park

Actuation Olona river's ageement
Happy hour-project

Housing again the past "epico-museo"
Collecting objects, photos, witnesses of the past in order to undertand the present and to design the future as well.

Made "Parabiago allo specchio", "400 anni della chiesa dei SS. Gervaso e Protaso"  and "Intavolarsi: dalla vigna alla tavola" exhibit
Officina maggiolini

In progress
Banca della memoria E-book
The return of the princess

Meetings landscape
Organizing funny and involving events so that the landscape, our life place, will be a meeting-point.

 Projects we made: "L'uomo e l'albero" and  "Parabiago allo specchio" exhibition Virlgil's itinerary
publications, DVDs
landscape's education Riale's itinerary
ecomuseum's play cards

In progress
Parabiago 3.0 project

landscape's education