Ecomuseo del Paesaggio


This translation is a draft by students of Maggiolini High School from Parabiago


Dal Santo R., 2009 Landscape Ecomuseum (English version by Isa Gama and Raul Dal Santo) (ENG - PDF)

The artisan works in Nerviano.  Photobook
Photo Club la Rotondina, Nerviano
Nerviano, 2017

"The artisan's ability and proficiency together with the passion in their job, bestow on their products a typical and inimitable characteristic, that added value of qualities that have always made them appreciated" 

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The complete publication list can be consulted in this page: documentation centre 

Dizionario fiume Olona Dictionary of the Olona river. 
Eng. Luigi Mazzocchi. Trascribed by Luigi Carnelli
Electronic open version curated by the Ecomuseo of Landscape with the participation of Martina Virili and Francesca Donati, Istituto Maggiolini 
Parabiago, 2017

"...I leave this my dictionary, so that it is a guide in the knowledge of everything refers to the little but very important Lombard waterway..." Eng. Luigi Mazzocchi 

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Tracce Tracks. 
Curated by Raul Dal Santo
Parabiago, 2016

A guide of welcoming to Parabiago! History tracks and art, taste, landscape. You'll decide which road you'll follow! 

e-Book (17 Mb)
Mons. Marco Ceriani: the e-books
In collaboration with Carla Musazzi Museun of Parabiago 
"History of Parabiago", 1948
"Scattered pages of Parabiaghese history", 1970
"Doctor Giuseppe Giannini from Parabiago", 1974
"My pretty church of Saints Gervasio and Protasio", 1985

officina maggiolini e-book
Officina Maggiolini
By Raul Dal Santo, Lucia Vignati, Aurora Donnaloia, Stefano Dellavedova
Parabiago, 2014

An educational e-book which was co-produced to learn something about Giuseppe Maggiolini's life after 200 years from the artist's death.
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Sant'Ambrogio e la vittoria a Parabiago
Filippo Mantegazza
Milano, 1494

A document about milan's citizens victory in Parabiago's battle thanks to sant'Ambrogio's patron appearance.

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maggiolini 1923
Giuseppe Maggiolini. Teatro 1923
By Sergio Parini, Raul Dal Santo
Parabiago, 2013

A theatrical operetta divided in three scenes which were composed in 1923 by Robustiniano Fumagalli in Parabiago's dialect and Italian, which goes through most important moments of Maggiolini's life.

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Il Parco Crivelli
By Raul Dal Santo, Lucia Vignati, Giovanni Pirrò, Manuele Oldani
Parabiago, 2013

To illustrate first city's recreation ground history, from its birth to our days with a look to the future

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Historical story about the famous victory reached by Luchino Visconti prince of Milano for the miracolous appearance of S. Ambrogio.
P. Claudio Cavalero
Parabiago, 1745

Copied by Maggiolini high school apprentices in 2013 in the occasion of the 300 year anniversary of S. Ambrogio della Vittoria's church.

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The fantasy school. From the beginnings to the fisrt day of school
Roberto Morgese
Parabiago, 2013

Game-book about the story of Manzoni school in Parabiago, from the beginning to the start of XX century

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e-Book (15 Mb)
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La scuola fantastica
Raul Dal Santo, Piero Rimoldi, Agnese Fenino
Parabiago, 2011

E-book made to describe the study, participation and sharing walk realized in occasion of the 100 year anniversary from the building of Manzoni school.

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I calzular de Parabiagh
Eliso Virano
Parabiago, 1946-1947

Two-time operetta from '40 years ending about Parabiago's shoemakers, politely granted by Mrs. Irma Zelinda Virano, daughter of the author.

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Piccola Venezia. 2^ edizione
Augusto Boldorini
Parabiago, 2011

Second edition of the Villastanza poet's poemes collection

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Parabiago allo specchio
By Raul dal Santo
Parabiago, 2010

A trip diary about the way which population and its organizations have made through the landscape's Ecomuseum

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Genio e lavoro
G.A. Mezzanzanica
Milano, 1878

The biography of the famous wood craver from Parabiago Giuseppe Maggiolini.

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Il soggiorno di Elisabetta Cristina nel convento dei cistercensi di Parabiago
Alessandro Giulini

A document about Princess Elisabetta Cristina from Brunswich visiting Parabiago.

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Il Riale ritrovato
Parabiago, 2009

An e-book made to remember the ancient millrace which has brought Olona river's water to the centre of Parabiago since middle ages.

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Padre Davide Giovanni Ceriani

In memoriam - Rivista della congregazione somasca, 1946 (PDF 12 Mb)
Opuscolo a dieci anni dalla morte (PDF 0,7 Mb)
"LA STORIA RECENTE" presentation(PDF 10 Mb)
Baptism's certificate(jpg 0,7 Mb)
His parent's marriage certificate (jpg 0,4 Mb)
La mia bella chiesa dei SS Gervaso e Protaso
Marco Ceriani
Legnano, 1985

History and art of Parabiago's church.

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Una regina a Parabiago
Alessandra Colonna, Raul Dal Santo, Simone Rossoni
Parabiago, 2008

On Spain queen's footsteps visiting Parabiago in 1708

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Verso l'Ecomuseo del Paesaggio
By Raul Dal Santo
Parabiago, 2008

An e-book which recapitulate the partecipated way for the fulfilment of Ecomuseum's action plan

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Itinerario Virgiliano: Literary itinerary to discover Roman's Parabiago AA.VV
Parabiago, 2008

To made the landscape readable again through Virgil's literature.
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Nuovo metodo Economico di tendere le viti - Vantaggi che ne derivano
Carlo Raja Parroco di Busto Garolfo (MI)
Milano, 1823

Up to the end of XIX century, Milan's lands were characterized by vines rows. Don Carlo has tried to prove the trellis's convenience  

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La Fauna e la Flora nel Vernacolo Abbiatense
Don Carlo Cozzi
ristampe anastatiche delle edizioni 1905 e 1907

An e-book made to learn and appriciate the precious cultural diversity such as animals and plant's people and dialectal names which represent an important tile.

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Dialetto e cultura nel medio Ticino tratto da Il Parco che Verrà: percorsi naturalistici, storici e letterari per scoprire un Parco
By Municipality of Buscate
Buscate, 1996

The middle Ticino and the people's culture of our lands.

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50 giochi... che non si giocano più
Augusto Boldorini
Parabiago, 2005

With the purpose of bringing back old games

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Piccola Venezia
Augusto Boldorini
Parabiago, 2008

A colleciotn of Villastanza's poet poems

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Filastrocche proverbi
Sc. Medie Rapizzi
Parabiago, a.s. 2003/2004

Taken from posters made by Rapizzi middle school's students in occasion of "Alla scoperta di quello che siamo..." project about old traditions and places.

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Ipotesi di definizione del paesaggio dell’altomilanese in epoca imperiale romana
Raul Dal Santo, Matteo Dolci
Parabiago, 2005

A study about altomilanese's landscape, the result of the interaction between human and nature. Made to help and understand the present and to plan the future.

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Appunti di Apicultura dalle esperienze con le api e apicoltori
By Angelo Colombo
Parabiago, 2008

Beekeeping is an art which needs to be learnt before practicing it. Without theory, which is contained in this e-book, it isn't possible to became a pratical beekeeper.

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Noi : testimonianze e documenti in un libro per S. Lorenzo di Parabiago
Parabiago, 2002

A look to San Lorenzo's history, life frangements which it is necessary to protect and value.

Download the entire book (PDF 5 Mb)
First section: dawn (PDF 600 Kb)
Fourth section: family and work in time (PDF 1,3 Mb)
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Ona brancada da Farina: ricette tradizionali dell'Alto Milanese
By Sergio Parini
Parabiago, 2007

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C'era una volta Parabiago
Parabiago, 2005

Go through Parabiago's history, to understand "what we are".

Cover (PDF 0,2 Mb)
Part 1 (PDF 3 Mb)
Part 2 (PDF 4 Mb)
Part 3 (PDF 2 Mb)
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Atlanti della Biodiversità del Parco del Roccolo:
Atlas n° 4: Ambrosia e paesaggio agrario (download the PDF) -
Atlas n° 3: La flora (download the PDF) - Read on-line
Atlas n° 2: Gli invertebrati (download the PDF) -
Atlas n° 1: I vertebrati (download the PDF) - Read on-line
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