Ecomuseo del Paesaggio


This traslation in a draft by students of Maggiolini High School from Parabiago
Who we are

The Ecomuseo of landscape welcomes you to Parabiago!

The ecomuseum is a cultural institution recognised by Lombardy Region in 2008.
It has the purpose of making the landscape wholly readable to its visitors.
Learning to see and understand the places surrounding us is necessary to take care of and improve them.

From the point of view of The Italian Republic Constitution, we can define the ecomuseum as a process of dynamic citizenry that, throught the subsidiary principle (art.118), has the purpose of the landscape's and heritage's care (art. 9), for the material and spiritual development of the society (art. 4) and the full growth of the human being (art. 3, second subsection).

So the Ecomuseum of Parabiago thanks to a permanent participation path has become a pact with which the community has worked hard for the care of the territory.

The community has identified the common patrimony that is to enhance: about 50 monuments, cultural places, sport ones,  nature ones have been studied and mapped; in some cases the redevelopment was projected and realized. To each place stories and traditions are bound


The Ecomuseum is equipped with a centre of documentation where is possible:

  1. To receive informazions

  2. To book driven visits to the Ecomuseum

  3. To consult the documentations, the books and the DVDs

To free receive copies of the publications realized whitin the project:

Copertina Verso l'Ecomuseo del Paesaggio

Parabiago Municipality
Vittoria square, 7
20015 Parabiago (MI)

(Receives on appointment -  Tel. 0331 493002)
Monday: 9.00-12.15 e 16.45-18.15
Wednesday: 11.00-13.30
Friday: 9.00-12.15
Centre of Documentation - ON LINE
A part of documents is to disposition in electronic format and it can be consulted on-line in the sections RESOURCE