This translation is provided by students of Maggiolini High School from Parabiago, by Edoardo Ciprandi from Liceo Galilei Legnano and by Monica Yasmeen Montani from Cattolica University

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Welcome guide

Welcome to Parabiago!

For ten years Landscape Ecomuseum of Parabiago interpreted traces, told stories, shared directions. We haven't built roads, but we have interpreted and left traces. Traces of history. Traces of art. Traces of taste. Traces of landscape. You will decide what path to go. (Read guide)

EconomiaCircolareCircular economy - The "Bread of Parabiago" 

#CondiVivo Parabiago


#CondiVivo Parabiago to build communities and release energies! 
Join us: suggest idea and help to realize environmental restoration projects in order to make Parabiago a wonderful town!

Dedicated page

                Cibo del corpo...Ecomuseums and cultural landscapes. State of the art and future prospects    

                December 2017

              The book, edited by Raffaella Riva, was published recently. The book's aim is to present reflections, projects and good activities for cultural landscape's care, management and promotion. In the book there are two articles: one about the Ecomuseum of Parabiago and the other about the Network of the Lombardy Ecomuseums. The personal data of the documents are the next: Riva, Raffaella (ed), Maggioli Editore, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy. ISBN 9788891624956 (in print), 9788891624963 (ebook). The ebook version is free downloadable from Re.Public@Polimi, the institutional archive of research results of Politecnico of Milan, at the following link.

              Cibo del corpo...Food for body, eyes and soul.     


            The photos of murales have been uploaded online together with the catalogue of various artworks (by childhood and not only), realized by children from Parabiago. The artworks are available to be spread on the territory.

Conferences, reviews, monitoring

              December 2017

        There were also the ecomuseum of Parabiago at the international meeting "Debating the landscape: teaching, learning processes, training" in Geneva 25-27 October 2017.    

        The Ecomuseum of Parabiago at the international meeting "Ecomuseums and community museums" organized by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Serbia took place in Belgrade on October 25-27, 2017

        Ecomuseums on Museum international. The special issue of Museum International “Museums and Cultural Landscapes” was dedicated to the theme of the ICOM 2016 general conference (Milan - Itay). Five articles by Italian museologists are published on the issue of Museum International: It is an unusual result for the Italian museology to have five contributions on a magazine of such international importance: it is the result of a great preparation work. In the magazine there is also the contribution of the network of Italian ecomuseums (by the coordinator of Parabiago Ecomuseum) who organized the forum of ecomuseums and community museums at the ICOM 2016 general conference.

      • Read the paper by Raul Dal Santo et al. 

      • Monitoring of the Italian landscape. The Convention about italian landscape were held in Rome (see website). A full report "Report on the state of landscape policies" (click to read) has been published. Last but not least, there are interventions on the census of the 209 italian ecomuseums by professor Damia and Francesco Baratti's report on ecomuseums and landscape planning. Parabiago Ecomuseum is in.

        Monitoring of Lombardy region ecomuseums. The monitoring of Lombardy region ecomuseums was published (It’s now available on the working website of the Lombardy ecomuseums network)
        Monitoring highlights the strengths, weaknesses and problems reported by onsite visits and self-assessment form. The outcome of the monitoring was presented to the Council (Consulta) of the Lombardy ecomuseums as a moment of general study; as regards the problems and the limits of the minimum criteria for the recognition of Lombard ecomuseums. it will also be useful to improve the individual ecomuseums and as a starting point to suggest any changes or corrections to the criteria for the recognition of Lombardy ecomuseums.

Parabiago 3.0 - Travelling, enjoying, sharing

The cultural heritage on your smartphone

Visita l'ecomuseoToday it's easier to visit Parabiago with Ecomuseo's project “Parabiago 3.0 - Percorrere, fruire, condividere il patrimonio culturale”, cofinanced by Lombardy region. By the means of internet and smartphones it's possible to visit the town and to meet its cultural and natural heritage. (learn more)

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Ecomuseo del paesaggio from Walter Longo on Vimeo.