This translation in a draft by students of Maggiolini High School from Parabiago


    December 2016

The ecomuseums welcome guide is on line, for now only in italian. We are traslating it!

Merry Christmas and happy 2017   

    December 2016

The best gift: we already received it!
During 2016, working together, we exchanged many gifts. Participation is definitely the most beautiful of them.
Consequently, the results arrived: over 10,000 new plants, natural meadows, wetlands, murals, the Artoteca of childhood, new visit routes, the bike lane of the Olona River, the international forum of the eco-museums in ICOM 2016, exhibitions, guided tours, the
mills day, the Parabiago bread in school restouration, new products made in Parabiago, the pact with farmers, many activities of regeneration of the common heritage.
All of this is the result of the know-how of many people and the ability to see of many more.
Actors and spectators, thanks to all those who have welcomed the invitation to work together, to dialogue and to exchange intellectual
and moral gifts that everyone has got.
Only together we can realize a dream: to continue to share resources, time, knowledge and skills to make our cities more beautiful and our landscape
Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 of participation!
Raul Dal Santo and the staff
of Landscape Ecomuseum of Parabiago
Mills Park
Councillors Maria Enrica Slavazza and Dario Quieti

          Green Day 2016  

    10th April 2016

9.00 AM, meeting at the intersection of Viale Europa and Via Dunant. We will clean and restore the shores of Villoresi canal.

                  Bicicliamo 2016.Presentation evening

    8th April 2016

9.00 PM, Library of Parabiago, via Brisa 1.  It will be illustrated the events schedule of 2016, for discover and appreciate the treasures of our territory. 

          7 construction sites for Parco dei Mulini.  

    24th March 2016

The state of the work in progress in the construction sites along the park.

                  Signing of Treaty for the cure and the promotion of agricultural ecosystem and the supply of local products.

    23rd March 2016

9.00 AM, technical office of Parabiago commune, Via Ovidio, 17.

It has been signed the Treaty by the communes of  Parco dei Mulini and others 16 subscribers, including 13 local farmers.

                  Nordic Walking  

    18th March, 2016

Civic hall of the Parabiago library, Via Brisa 1, 9.00 PM.

Meeting about discipline and benefits for health. The presentation is in charge to Instructor Gianluigi Genone.

Initiative organized by Circle Legambiente of Parabiago, in collaboration with Parco Mulini and Commune of Parabiago.

                VideoThe Corn: from the grain to the table

            March 2016

Some video produced by the middle school Rapizzi from Parabiago (Milan) in the 2014/2015 academic year that illustrate, in the various historical/cultural aspects: planting, growing, harvesting, grinding, pasta and bread of Parabiago. 

The video

ICOM 2016 ICOM 2016

    Milano, July 2016 

Italian ecomuseums want to use the opportunity offered by the ICOM General Conference in Milan and the presence in Italy of thousands of museum professionals from all over the world, to invite for a Special programme of discussions and visits all their colleagues who are involved in community projects for the management of cultural and natural Heritage aiming at local development

Wednesday 6th July | Forum open to all Icom 2016 General Conference participants interested by New Museology and Community Museology.
Friday 8th July | Group visits to ecomuseums in the Milan and sub-alpine lakes areas.
Foreign ecomuseum and community museum professionals are invited by their Italian colleagues to visit them (one to three days) during the following periods: from 27th June to 2nd July or from 11th July to 15th July.

VideoWhat is an Ecomuseum?

October 2015

La Ponte Ecomusem: "in this video we present our definition of an Ecomuseum".

progetto_tarabusino Museums , territorial systems and urban landscapes

    Brescia, November 28th, 2015 

R. Dal Santo, L. Vignati, Inspiring landscape future, 2015 (The article).

R. Dal Santo, N. Baldi, The strategic Manifesto of italian ecomuseums, 2015 (The article).

The presentation

Patto del fiume OlonaDidactic Offer 2015-2016

June 2015

Ecomusem has realised some educative routes for the school year 2015/16.

Mills park

  January 2015

A participated for the qualification of the suburban landscape along the river Olona.

Parabiago 3.0 - Walk, Enjoy, Share

The cultural heritage on your smartphone

Visita l'ecomuseoVisit Parabiago today is easier with "Parabiago 3.0 - Walk, enjoy, share the cultural assets" project, sponsored by Regione Lombardia. Through the Internet and modern mobile telphones it is possible to visit the city and know something more about the natural and cultural heritage. (Continue to read)

L'inventario partecipativoPartecipated Inventory

Convention - Gemona (UD) 10th and 11th of June 2013

Ecomuseum will attend the meeting organised by the Ecomuseum of Waters in Friuli on the topic of Community heritage, its cataloguing and its value.

Patto del fiume OlonaSign of the agreement for Olona

Forum - 4th of June 2013

At 9.00 PM, Council Room of Parabiago, Vittoria Square 7, subscription of the agreement for Olona by the partners of the project and by the involveds.

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