This translation is provided by students of Maggiolini High School from Parabiago and by Edoardo Ciprandi from Liceo Galilei Legnano

Let's Bycicle 2017. Sesto Calende - Panperduto - Villoresi

              11 Giugno 2017

        Train + bike, early reservation at Legambiente's. Rendezvous: CANEGRATE 7.15 A.M., piazza della Stazione (Station's square) (with bikes). PARABIAGO 7.15 A.M., piazza della Stazione (with bikes).

        45km Route- Packed lunch.  

          Territory's enhancement according to the children

              10-11th June 2017

        From 10.00 A.M., Mulino Meraviglia, location Melzi/Cozzi, San Vittore Olona. Music, stands, laboratory for children, walks, guided visits...and more

          An oasis of peace and beauty

        17th June 2017

From 3.00 P.M., via Unione 1, Parabiago. Walk through Oasis of Peace and Beauty accompanied by  Giuseppe Franzosi (Doctor in Agriculture) among the sensorial routes to delve deeper into the knowledge of arboreal presences and herbs.

    Mostra "Come d'autunno"Exhibit "Like in Autumn..."  

        Fabruary-June 2017

New outfittings for the exhibit about the War Memorials. From the 12th March to the 30th April 2017, Rapizzi middle school. From the 1st of May to the 9th of June 2017 Maggiolini High School in Parabiago.

By CAI Parabiago and Ecomuseo of Landscape Parabiago. 

                  Cibo del corpo...Food of the body, of the eyes, of the soul.     


The photos of the murales have been uploaded online together with the catalogue of various artworks(by childhood and not only), realized by children from Parabiago. The artworks are available to be spread on the territory.

Parabiago 3.0 - Travelling, enjoying, sharing

The cultural patrimony on your smartphone

Visita l'ecomuseoToday it's easier to visit Parabiago with Ecomuseo's project “Parabiago 3.0 - Percorrere, fruire, condividere il patrimonio culturale”, cofinanced by Lombardia region. By the means of internet and smartphones it's possible to visit the town and to meet its cultural and natural heritage. (continue reading)

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Ecomuseo del paesaggio from Walter Longo on Vimeo.