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  The Game Book "La scuola fantastica"

This translation is a draft by students of Maggiolini High School from Parabiago
La scuola fantastica

The Game-Book “LA SCUOLA FANTASTICA”, has been realized to celebrate the hundred years of the Manzoni's Schools.

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Text by: Roberto Morgese

Project and historical context by:
Raul Dal Santo

Illustrations: Ambrogia Franchi  e Patrizio Croci 

Web Version by:
Andrea Loperfido

Let's take part at the redaction of the second volume "Dal primo giorno di scuola ad oggi"

Write with the help of your teachers the third volume "La scuola del futuro" and send it to the Ecomuseum.

The Ecomuseum in collaboration with the Primary School Manzoni of Parabiago present the Game Book:

The book is a result of research undertaken by the state primary schools in 2011 as part of the project "Avere radici per avere ali" the eco-museum has deepened and published in a booklet.
Dal Santo, Rimoldi, Fenino, "La scuola fantastica," Parabiago, 2011

We thus investigated the history of the school and the important role played by the industrial era in the creation of this public work, first in a series that would bring Parabiago to the rank of city.
During the conference carried out in 2012 on the occasion of the centenary of the Primary schools Manzoni, the Ecomuseum has proposed the idea of ​​creating a Game Book on the history of the school and Parabiago. Thanks to the collaboration of many people and students, this idea was realized in this first volume, which covers the historical period that starts from the beginning until the beginning of the twentieth century.
Morgese R.: "The great school. From the origins to the first day of school," Parabiago, 2013

At this volume will follow the second on the XX century.
Participates in the preparation of the second volume of the book-game "The great school."

Readers will appreciate the one hand, through the game, the history of our beloved city and his school, on the other hand will be able to write inegnanati helped by parents and grandparents, the third volume of "The School in the future" and send it to the Eco-parabiago.