Ecomuseo del Paesaggio


This translation is a draft by students of Cavalleri High School from Parabiago
Mostra "Come d'autunno..."
2015 - Like in autumn

Exhibit to remember the fallen of the Big War
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logo intavolarsi 2015 - The food of the 5 senses: from the veneyard to the table

Exhibit of the state and private school of Parabiago, elementary and secondary school about the didactic project:"Intavolarsi: dalla vigna alla tavola - Il cibo dei 5 sensi"
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2013 - The virtue of the herbs. The herbarium amond art and science

The sexhibit introduced on the occasion of the 300 years of the Church of Sant'Ambrogio of the Victoria is on-line. 
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2012 - Go on

Exhibit on-line of  drawings and works of the hero Paolo Caccia Domioni on the occasion of the 20 anniversary of the death of the Nerviano's hero (1896-1992).
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2011 - Virgin Mary of God  'l sa. Yesterday, Today...perhaps
The ecomuseum and the Photo club La Rotondina have realized the exhibit about the national church monument.
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logo intavolarsi 2011 - Intavolarsi: from the veneyard to the table. The land of the good food
Exhibit presented to the Gajo schools.
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logo 400 anni
2010 - The community of Parabiago and his Church

Exhibit for the 400 years of the Saints Gervaso and Protaso Church.
Exhibit of vintage photos and of holy art
La mostra virtuale Parabiago allo specchio 2009 - Parabiago to the mirror
The exhibit is on-line .Among the available documents there are also the report "724 ideas for the sustainable development" and the Audioguide

2009 - Put yourself under your favorite cover

 The publications of the Ecomuseum in exhibit on the occasion of the reunion of the Net Ecomuseums of the Lombardy in Parabiago.

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2008 - Canale Villoresi a long resource of 86 Km

A exhibit near Canale Villoresi.
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Giri di acqua - Dal Villoresi all'Olona

2007 - The man and the tree

Near the library of Parabiago: exhibit "The man and the tree. History of the landscape and the relationship man-environment".
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A.S. 2003/4 - Discovery about what we are

An exhibit about the disappearing traditions and the places realized by Rapizzi middle school.
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