Intavolarsi: from the vineyard to the table - the food of 5 senses


"Today, unfortunately, the food for many has become a fuel and the table a shelf on which to lay what you consume"
(Enzo Bianchi – “Il pane di ieri”)

The project is aimed at Intavolarsi knowledge of the products of the land from cultivation to consumption, the rediscovery of the cultural value of food, the encounter / confrontation between generations, the rapprochement of the boys to a proper relationship with food and land resources.

The project

1) Inizializzarsi

Lesson in class and intergenerational confrontation.

Explanation of the project and group discussion to bring out the knowledge of the boys. First theoretical explanations from the exhibition that presents the results achieved through this project is to Parabiago (AS 2010-11) and in Magenta (AASS 2011/12 2012/13), involving about 100 classes and 2,000 students and their parents and grandparents. Delivery of the questionnaire to parents and grandparents.

the exhibition: part 1^ e part 2^

2) the vineyard

Crops: orchards, fields, the vineyard, the animal husbandry.

A laboratory common to all (the school garden) and one to be chosen from those indicated. (optional Laboratories )

The school garden

A vegetable garden for each school complex.

logo_ortoThe garden will be the type compatible with the space, the presence of the water available in the individual school Plessi (ortho field and vertical garden that has implications of artistic type).
The classes will be able to observe and grow vegetables, with the collaboration of teachers and voluntary associations that will ensure the continuity of the crop and put into play their skills.

3) the table

To stimulate the spirit of research and understand the importance of team work.

Tasting dramatized be combined with an activity of your choice: at the table with the Romans, at the table in the Middle Ages, at the table in the '700, the art at the table with Arcimboldo and Vincenzo Campi, the secret recipe, which contains ingredients your snack ?, the use of food in art, the bread of Parabiago.  (optional laboratories)

Born and raised in your field

Theatrical tasting of local products and territory.

logo_assaggioMeeting in the cafeteria, in collaboration with the school catering company, for some local food and support local agriculture, dramatized through taste of the products of our territory.

4) music and food

Lesson in class, listening and guided tasting.

Will be listened to classical music, jazz and light and, with the aid of the catering company, we will match the food.

5) Show and return results

The results will be returned to the students, to families, to the network of partners and the entire community.

Report on the results of the questionnaire. Games Intavolarsi. Year-end party with friendly moment between the families. End of year exhibition. Promotional video of the guys that will be hosted by the site of EXPO 2015.