Ecomuseo del Paesaggio


This translation is a draft by students of Maggiolini High School from Parabiago

  Miniatura  Atlas of the biodiversity - bugs yesterday and today
 Miniatura The last firunatt of Parabiago
     Miniatura  Archetti intervenes to the forum of the Ecomuseo of the landscape of Parabiago
      Miniatura  LOOKED August Boldorini tells the "Mecaniga" 
      Miniatura  August Boldorini tells the ancient work of the "firunatt" to Villastanza
      Miniatura  It shows on the channel Villoresi to inspire the future 14 visualizations 

      Miniatura  Almanacco parabiaghese

      Miniatura  August Boldorini Scio' scio'- cia' cia'

      Miniatura  Map of the community of Parabiago

      Miniatura The last firunat of Villastaza of Parabiago (MI)
      Miniatura  Ecomuseo of Parabiago - Parabiago 1920-2020
      Miniatura  The firunatts of Sant'Angelo  Lodigiano to Parabiago  

     Miniatura  The community of Parabiago and his church 

      Miniatura  Giuseppe Maggiolini from Parabiago (Milan) - Genio e lavoro
     Miniatura  The patera of Parabiago (Milan) 

      Miniatura  The landscape of Parabiago (Milan) and his Ecomuseo

      Miniatura The  found riale
    Sauro Martinelli
    Sauro Martinelli 

    Miniatura Legambiente again in saddle for the park of the Mills 
    Legambiente Nerviano, Parabiago and Canegrate have organized a calm pedaled in the green of the Park of the Mills following as far as possible...

    Only to see to stir her/it is a true show!!!
    In this series of 4 tapes I have tried to show of thing they are really able these volenters...

    Sauro Martinelli
    I challenge whoever to find another organization as OLONA Viva!!!
    OLONA Viva - When the water of the Olona....
    Considering that the water of the Olona from a few days "it is clean", the friend Galeazzo has proudly invited me to make some resumption scuba diver of the peses...
    Commemoration of the Battle Legnano (year 1176) - Castle in party - Cardiopalio 2012
    Also this year the Regions Legnanesi has magnificently recalled the deeds of Alberto from Giussano and of Fred Barbarossa.
    Olona Viva to the 80° Five Mills March 17-18 th 2012
    Despite the organizational efforts of the Committee of the Sporting union St. Vittore Olona 1906 and of the association Olona Viva that it tries everything for cer...
    Sauro Martinelli 
    Legnano - Leo from Perego - Park of the Mills Places of the Heart - 24-01-2012
    Through the House of the Volontariato to which you/they almost make head forty Associations of Volontariato, Olona Viva you/he/she has organized the projection of the cortomet...
    Olona Viva brings in plaza the fishes of the Olona to attract people on the river.mp4

    Repopulation fish fauna from the Villoresi to the Olona

    fiume invisibile Invisible river - Interviews To Local Actors On the River OLONA

    Videos and Interviews


    "A Princess in Parabiago"

    The visit of the Princess Elisabeth Christine in Parabiago in 1708

    >>>>Videos, interviews and lyrics

    The last of the "firunatt"

    We have met the last of the firunatt (seller of chestnut loaf) of Villastanza, 
    Mrs. "Giuli Pulota". This funny chestnut seller, that ended only yesterday his activity, told us all abous his job. this job was on of the most popular in the little town of Villastanza.

    >>>>Video interview and lyrics


    Augusto Boldorini told us about the old work of the "Firunatt" of Villastanza and Parabiago
    See the Video interview of Augusto Boldorini


    The poet of Villastanza

    Augusto Boldorini: "Scioo-Scioo, ciaa-ciaa" 
    Lyrics in milanese
    Lyrics in italian  
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    Video Ecomuseo february 2007

    Video Ecomuseo march 2007


    Augusto Boldorini: "Scioo-Scioo, ciaa-ciaa"

    Augusto Boldorini tell us about the "Mecanica" - Manufacture's Union of Parabiago and Villastanza