Food of body, eyes and soul

The co-financed project by Lombardy region and Ecomuseum of Parabiago within the ambit of the announcement "Projects for the valorization for recognized ecomuseum according to the L.R. 13/2007".


Active paths Parabiago 3.0

Tread, enjoy, share 

P30Tematic paths that, animated from the virtual interaction of the web and from recreational dimension, can stimolate the curiosity and the involvement of the Community and of the visitors in respect of the cultural heritage of the City.

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New paths

Cultural paths 3.0 

PercorsiNew tematic and ethnographic paths of visit for implement the sistem: itinerary city of children, itineraries of childhood art, itinerary of the battle of Parabiago and of mills, itinerary of Villoresi, itinerary “cultivate Parabiago eating” (vai alla pagina dedicata)

Traces of childhood (and not only)

Murals and other external works

Murals and other artifacts

MuralesMurals and other external works in schools created by children and by the students of schools of the city.

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Artoteca - Catalog works on loan


Opere d'arteThe numerous works, now deposited at nursery schools and primary schools of Parabiago, they're avaible to be spread throughout the territory. Anyone can take them on loan!

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Places of heart - guys' map

The heart's path   

Luoghi del cuore Guys, parents and grandparents of the comprehensive institute viale Legnano have indentified, filling out a questionnaire, the “places of heart” and the places that unite three generations. With the survey results they're realizing an interactive map of the city.  

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Museum of the school

100 years of historiy of the Parabiago's school 

PercorsiAt the Primary School “A. Manzoni” of Parabiago was set up a Museum in which is located today exposed and valued a large collection of teaching materials, and a considerable quantity of ancients registers, dating from the school year 1900/1901, rich of chronicles and testimonies related to more than a century of history. (vai alla pagina dedicata)

Museum Carla Musazzi

The history of Parabiago 

The historic-cultural museum of Parabiago since 1988 exhibited objects that illustrate the history of Parabiago. It has made avaible the e-books about Parabiago's history by mons. M. Ceriani.

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Workshop Rancilio 1926

Coffee machines and historical documents 

Workshop Rancilio 1926 is a cultural space born to let know and valorize the historical heritage, the company and Rancilio family's collection and the photographic archive. He has made usable and valued part of his photographic archive. (vai alla pagina dedicata)

The project

Food of body, eyes and soul

Cultural paths 3.0

Cibo...A project that provides the creation of new thematic and ethnographic paths to visit for implement the system “Parabiago 3.0 - Tread, enjoy, share the cultural heritage.

The aim of the project is to feed “eyes and soul” of residents and visitors with the community heritage, through physical (in city) and virtual paths (on web and on smartphone's app). The project pays attention also to the “nourishment of the body” valorizing, both in physical paths, and in the virtual ones, edible products (ex: Parabiago's flour, bread, biscuits and cake) and crafts (ex: footwear) that characterize the “made in Parabiago” that recently was valued through the brand Municipal Designation of Origin (M.De.O.).

The project is implemented in partnership with the comprehensive Institutes, private schools, the high schools, museums, the pastoral community Sant'Ambrogio, the Association La Fabbrica of Sant'Ambrogio Parabiago and the Ecomuseum of the territory of nova Milanese.

Il progetto