Ecomuseo del Paesaggio

Ecomuseum / Mills' park

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A participated path for the restoration of the periurban landscape along the river Olona.

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Cariplo Fundation

Translations in English: Francesca Loiacono, Matteo, Aurora Donnaloia, Tatiana Martinez;
in Spanish: Simone Schipani
Web site: Andrea Loperfido

The Mills Park, through permanent path of participation, the enhancement of skills, knowledge and resources of the territory, the wide use of the principles of subsidiarity and shared responsibility, has assumed the role of facilitator of a complex network of actors who has allowed to intercept substantial human and financial resources from public and private institutions. [read more]

B. Luini (o scuola)- Madonna del grappolo d'uva - XVI sec. - Particular

A governance model has ensued, based on the logic of the shared Administration  and the constitutional principle of subsidiarity, and a "territorial project", able to process and integrate the physical aspects, managerial and procedural and to reconcile the general interests with needs of privates.

A project that, through the discovery and exploitation of the common heritage, has allowed us to take a significant step forward in order that the Olona, the "invisible" river, back to being that river of civilization, culture and nature, which for millennia has been the pin of the development of this territory, recreate around its course a new livable city.

[Taken from the Holy R., Vignati L. "Subsidiarity and Common Heritage in the governance of the basin of the River Olona," 2014]

The winner of the IX National Table Contracts river Venice 2014