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Parabiago is your “field”: there is to plow, dig and hoe!

Hold your hoe instinct : the project “Food, landscape and tradition up to EXPO 2015” propose you to  “cultivate” Parabiago to make your sustainable daily food come also from there.

It isn't important if you haven't fields: you can cultivate them by eating  the De.C.O. products, the brand that guarantees the made in Parabiago products.

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In 2013 many local stakeholders subscribed the cooperation pact concerning the project “Food, landscape and tradition to EXPO 2015” by the landscape Ecomuseum of Parabiago and by the Urban District of Commerce of Parabiago.

The result is the assumption that Parabiago and the cultural heritage should be «cultivate» to make your sustainable daily food and the handcrafts come also from there. it isn't important if you don't own lands or companies: the «field» can be «cultivate» by eating and/or buying local food and craft products.

The project aims to make short, transparent and sustainable chains of food and crafts, chains, through the activation of a network of subjects that connects production, processing activities and final consumption of products, testing an actual closing of the spinneret locally (production-processing-distribution). The short chain is a resource for the territory, also giving space to the role of agriculture in the management and maintenance of the territory as development tool and enhancement of the landscape.

After a phase of  experimental production of the “Parabiago bread”,  that was distributed during  local festivals, the Parabiago Town Council  voted to establish the Municipal Designation of Origin (De.C.O.) of the Municipality of Parabiago to take a census and enhance activities and traditional local products.

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Project promoted by the Urban District of Trade in partnership with the Ecomuseum of Parabiago.

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