Ecomuseo del Paesaggio


This translation is a draft by students of Cavalleri High School from Parabiago

Water games in the Mills Park

Irrigation system area and naturalistic use of the water of derivation of Olona river in the Mills Park.
The book-game: the fantastic school
The book-game "THE FANTASTIC SCHOOL", was realized to celebrate 100 years of Manzoni schools.
The playing cards of the ecomuseum

The cards are not a simple game, but they intend to induce schools, guys and their families to the exploration and the discovery of the heritage that enriches the community of Parabiago.
Tournament to the summer camp "Sport Camp Rugby"
Tournament to the summer camp of the district

Quiz about animals and plants

A game about fauna and flora of Roccolo Park.
Scavenger hunt in Roccolo Park

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logo intavolarsi The dies of Intavolarsi

Die-game of the prayers

Die-game of the tales