From Parabiago to EXPO 2015!

Visita Parabiago
This traslation in a draft by students of Maggiolini High School from Parabiago

Parabiago - EXPO 2015

How to reach the universal exhibition  

And visit Parabiago

Visita l'ecomuseo

How to reach EXPO 2015. (English) (Italiano) (Français) (Espagnol)

Visit Parabiago (Go to the dedicated page)

Visita la città


Three routes to discover the Ecomuseum

Short walks to discover Parabiago

Visita l'ecomuseoThe routes of the Ecomuseum have the aim of becoming possible the re-discovering of the main places of the city of Parabiago. these form a collective heritage and they have the identity representations of the community.  (Go to the dedicated page)

Parabiago at 360 degrees

Views of Parabiago

Let's immerse in the City landscape

Visita l'ecomuseoParabiago under the snow or the view from the bell tower of S. Ambrogio church. Some photos bring you to the discovering of the city.
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