The project

The landscape, our life’s environment, is as a special book in which the following page contains some sentences of the previous one so that the last page, the only one we can see in the reality, contains sentences that have being written even many pages before.
Ecologists say that the landscape is a historic system where the present is in relationship with the past and the future has a relation with the present.
Aim of the initiative, that relates with the project  “Ecomuseo Del Paesaggio” of Parabiago and “Metrobosco” of Provincia di Milano, is to make readable the landscape through Virgilio’s literature.
A route, located in the park of Virgilio Street in Parabiago, where you can meet various species of plants and life’s environments that, for 2000 years, characterized the agricultural  landscape of Po Valley and that the Latin author cited in his works.
An invitation to walk slowly in order to grasp the sentences written in the landscape, that have being handed down till now.

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